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The Bible Says


     The Hemingford Seventh-day Adventist Church Welcomes you to our Services. Regular Sevices are conducted each 7th Day Sabbath, (Saturday).

Daily Minute Devotional
     By John Badshaw. Join him every day for EVERY WORD. Join and subscribe at: www.itiswritten.com
A short daily video devotional entitled: "EVERY WORD".

Sabbath School Study Hour starts at 10:00 AM
     The Second Quarter of 2017, April, May and June, this quarters lessons are  entitled, "Feed My Sheep, First and Second Peter".
     Because our study this quarter is on First and Second Peter, we are reading the words of someone who was with Jesus at most of the important moments in his ministry. Peter warns that among the things that false teachers will promote is doubt about the second coming of Jesus. Peter says that Jesus not only died for our sins but will return to earth and usher in the judgment of God.
     Peter has very practical words on how Chistians should live. First and foremost, Christians should love one another.  (I Peter 4:8) He sums up his view by saying, "Finally, all of you, have unity of spirit, sympathy , love for one another,  a tender heart, and a humble mind." I Peter 3:8 (NRSV).
     Jesus told Peter to feed His sheep.  We are among those sheep.  Let's get fed.  Principal Contributor for these lessons is Robert K. McIver.  He is currently on the staff at Avondale College in Australia where he teaches Bible and archaeology. He has authored several books, including, The Four Faces of Jesus and Beyond the DaVinvi Code.
   Morning Worship Service starts at 11:00 AM
     Our  Pastor, Mark Magnussen, will usually be with us on the second Sabbath of the month. He will also be with us on the fifth Sabbath and that occurs once each quarter.  When the Pastor is not able to be with us, one of the Church Elders  may present a message.  At other times, a DVD  featuring a promenent Adventist Minister, may be shown. Usually a Fellowship meal is planned on the Sabbath that Pastor Mark and his wife, Claudia are here in Hemingford.
     Please see the Church Notes in The Hemingford Ledger for this weeks scheduled speaker and topic.

    Visitors are welcome to attend any of our services.  A warm Christian Welcome awaits you.



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